An Informal Dolores Gray Discography

As far as I know, there is not a lot of Dolores Gray in print. I have picked it up wherever I can find it and will list what I have in my collection. Feel free to mail corrections to me if you know of other albums.


Two on the Aisle
Decca Records DL8040 - (ca. 1951) This is a hard record to get a hold of. I had to pay 40 smackers for my copy. It's worth getting for "If You Hadn't But You Did" alone, a patter number that gives Dolores a chance to show off what I think is her greatest skill - acting while singing. The music is by Jule Styne and the lyrics are by Betty Comden and Adolph Green. There are too many chorus numbers for my taste, but a great turn for Bert Lahr (better known as the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz) in the song "The Clown".
  1. Overture - Orchestra
  2. Show Train - Chorus and Orchestra
  3. Hold Me, Hold Me, Hold Me (Hold Me Tight) - Dolores
  4. Here She Comes Now (East River Hoe Down) - Chorus
  5. There Never Was a Baby Like My Baby - Dolores
  6. (1)Vaudeville Ain't Dead (2) Catch Our Act At The Met (Finale, Act I)
  7. Give A Little, Get A Little - Dolores
  8. Everlasting - Kathryne Mylroie and Fred Bryan
  9. If You Hadn't But You Did - Dolores
  10. The Clown - Bert Lahr
  11. How Will He Know? - Dolores
  12. Finale - Chorus and Orchestra
MGM Records E3281 - (ca. 1955) Although the catalog number is from my personal copy, this is another recording that I first heard in my parents' collection. They have a more recent reissue of it. I saw an older one at a reuse depot and decided to pick it up for the cover and just to have my own copy. I found out that it had a song that my parent's copy didn't have. I hope not all later reissues leave out "Rahadlakum" because it shows of Dolores at her playful, saucy best! I first heard "Not Since Ninevah" on a Danny Kaye album and started covering it in my nightclub act. Note that this is a soundtrack from the movie, not the Broadway show. The music and lyrics are by Robert Wright and George Forrest and were adapted to themes of the music of Alexander Borodin.
  1. Fate - Howard Keel
  2. Not Since Ninvevah - Dolores
  3. Baubles, Bangles And Beads - Ann Blyth
  4. Stranger In Paradise - Ann Blyth and Vic Damone
  5. Gesticulate - Howard Keel
  6. Night of My Nights - Vic Damone
  7. Bored - Dolores
  8. The Olive Tree - Howard Keel
  9. Rahadlakum - Howard Keel and Dolores
  10. And This Is My Beloved - Howard Keel, Ann Blyth and Vic Damone
  11. Sands of Time - Howard Keel
Destry Rides Again
Decca Records DL 79075 - (ca. 1959) Another discrepancy between my parents' copy and mine. I grew up hearing their mono LP. I bought this one later and not only is it in stereo, I'm convinced it's a completely different take of every song. I have no idea what recording techniques were like back then, but it sounds as if the entire cast had to record one album in mono and then do another session for stereo. The music and lyrics are by Harold Rome (Pins and Needles). It seems that some people, like Meredith Willson, have just one great musical in them. This is Harold's. It's an excellent album top to bottom. Both Andy Griffith and Dolores are acting singers and they show that off to great effect in this soundtrack. Snap it up if you ever see it. I used to perform "I Know Your Kind" as part of my cabaret act.
  1. Overture - Orchestra
  2. Bottleneck - Don Crabtree and Chorus
  3. Ladies - Dolores and Women
  4. Hoop-de-Dingle - Jack Prince and Chorus
  5. Tomorrow Morning - Andy Griffith
  6. Ballad of the Gun - Andy Griffith and Jack Prince
  7. I Know Your Kind - Dolores
  8. I Hate Him - Dolores
  9. Rose Lovejoy of Paradise Alley - Male Ensemble
  10. Anyone Would Love You - Andy Griffith and Dolores
  11. Once Knew a Fella - Andy Griffith and Male Ensemble
  12. Every Once in a While - Male Ensemble
  13. Fair Warning - Dolores
  14. Are You Ready, Gyp Watson? - Dolores and Chorus
  15. Not Guilty - Male Ensemble
  16. Only Time Will Tell - Andy Griffith and Chorus
  17. Respectability - Elizabeth Watts and Rose Lovejoy Women
  18. That Ring on the Finger - Dolores, Rosetta LeNoire and Women
  19. Once Knew a Fella - Andy Griffith and Dolores
  20. I Say Hello - Dolores
  21. Ballad of the Gun (Finale) - Chorus
Miss Dolores Gray: Legendary Star of Stage and Screen
BP 1014 Blue Pear Records, Longwood, FL. (ca. late 80's/early 90's) My friend Mark Hendrix gave me this record recently (Thanks Mark!). He said he bought it at Medium Rare Records, so rush out and get it! Some of the tracks are ones I already had on 78s but it's nice to have clean versions. The liner notes are pretty good, if effusive. The back of the record has plenty of photos (Yay!). Of the tracks I didn't already have, my favorites are "I Wish I Were In Love Again"and "I've Got A Feeling You're Fooling"
  1. Happy Habit
  2. Rogers and Hart Medley
    • Spring Is Here
    • I Wish I Were In Love Again
    • My Funny Valentine
  3. Sweet Cheat
  4. Here's That Rainy Day
  5. There'll Be Some Changes Made
  6. Without Love
  7. One
  8. It Never Entered My Mind
  9. Crazy He Calles Me
  10. Shrimp Boats
  11. L-O-V-E
  12. Big Mamou
  13. Hang Up!
  14. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
  15. Medley
    • Willow Weep For Me
    • Why Was I Born?
  16. Rock Love
  17. I've Got A Feeling You're Fooling
  18. More! More! More!
  19. Speak Low
  20. Diamond Mine in Madagascar
  21. For Want of a Star

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