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[Banana Recumbent, photo by Sam Morris]

Photo by Sam Morris

Pedal Pusher

I credit my dad for helping me get into cycling as something other than a kid's mode of transportation. When we were still very young, he had the idea to take the family on cross-country bike rides. This was the early 70s and was by no means as common an idea as it is today. I think my first long-distance ride was from our house in South Pasadena to my grandparents' in La Mirada.

Unfortunately, I got increasingly sedentary in my early 20s and am now trying to get back into shape again. I really enjoy cycling, but could be a lot better at it were I in shape. Another factor is my Repetitive Strain Injury. After I was diagnosed, I started riding my upright less and less. When I was diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, I knew I had to get a different kind of bike. I don't remember how I first heard the word "recumbent". I don't remember the first time I saw one. I only know that when I asked at the bike shops around Berkeley, a town with the highest amount of bike shops per capita of any city I've ever seen, nobody could help me. I decided to try an Internet search and turned up the International Human Powered Vehicle Association (IHPVA) home page. That put me in touch with other 'bent heads and within a year I had gotten a Haluzak Horizon. I've enjoyed cycling much more since.

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Bay Area Recumbent Dealers

It's amazing that we don't have more "weird bike" shops than we do. If I had capital...

'Bent Dealers Closer to the Bay Area than Timbuktu

Dave Cooper recommends The Chain Gang in Redding CA, about 200 miles north of the Bay Area on Rt. 5. He says: "This shop deserves mention because they are better stocked in recumbents than any Bay Area shop (I visited them all).They have in stock, for sale (you don't have to order and wait): Bike-E, Rans V-Rex and Stratus, Vision Metro and R-40, and Linear, an impressive lineup even by big city standards. Their prices are also better than Bay Area by 10-30%."

The Chain Gang
1180 Industrial Street #A

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I used to update something on this site about every two weeks. Unfortunately, things are probably going to be mothballed for a while due to a hellacious flareup of Repetitive Strain Injury. I also had some bad data loss, so if you wrote in before with a suggestion or comment, please write again! There are some folks I would love to keep in touch with, but whose addresses I've lost.

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