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I regret that I didn't start using computers sooner. As the result of a very bad computer teacher in high school, I got so turned off that I didn't want to see a computer again. I let my technofear keep me in the dark ages until 1988. I knew that I wanted a Mac since it was manifest to me even then that Windows sucked.  My dad helped me out by buying me a used 512k. A Mac friend of mine at the Co-op where I lived entered my room, saw the 512k and began to laugh.

Even though I now had a computer, I was still scared to use it as more than a glorified typewriter. One of the reasons I think guys tend to adopt computers more readily than women is that boys are encouraged to explore and tinker with things. I was such a polite obedient child that I didn't do those things for fear I would break something. Too bad. Messing around with the computer is the best way to learn. I finally got on the ball when I joined BMUG around 1994 or so. Definitely join a user group - it's a great experience.

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