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One of the real advantages of Macs that Apple fails to plug is the ease with which one can compute in more than one language, even languages that do not use the Roman alphabet. Unfortunately, that failing has led to some slip in a market that they used to rule. The number of PC programs for learning and using languages has outstripped the number of Mac programs. Now, numbers alone never bothered me that much since most people only use one word processor, etc. The problem is that programs that have no Mac equivalent are appearing, such as a Portuguese-English translation program (not that computer translation programs are that good yet).

So, if you're a consumer, let language software developers know that you would be willing to buy software that allows you to learn or use less commonly taught languages. If you are a Mac language software developer or localizer, please work hard to develop good Mac apps in as many languages as possible. If you are dissatisfied with some of the tools that Apple provides as opposed to what Microsoft provides, let Apple know. Let the users know as well so that they can place pressure on Apple to get on the stick.

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