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I have sung ever since I can remember. I have always wanted to do so professionally, but haven't managed to make that work out. I tried to start a band in high school and all the friends who had agreed to join flaked out on the very first rehearsal. It was quite embarassing.

When I moved to the Bay Area, I found that one of my old school friends was performing at an open mic. I soon attended with him and performed nearly every week at the Albion in San Francisco for nearly two years. I also performed as part of a trio. I put out an ad to find bandmates and was answered. I was in that band for a couple months before it broke up. As a solo performer, I was starting to build an audience and get some notice. I took time out to record a demo with two friends of my brother's (Brendan Lynch), with the intent of using it to get gigs. I really hit a bumpy spot in trying to find people to work with. I don't really specialize in one style of music and most of the available musicians want to work in one style.

So that's where it stands now. I want to perform but my RSI has made it impossible to play guitar anymore. I want to take up the uke again, but mostly I want to write songs and sing. If you are a musician in the Bay Area (especially East Bay) and want to work in a variety of genres, forging a new weird style, let me know.


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