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Some poor benighted soul who didn't know what they were getting into actually asked me to put up some biographical material.  I shall punish you all herewith...

I was born in the mid-'60s to an Italian-American mother and an Irish-American father ("Bugsy had an Italian mother and an Irish father so naturally he was a little screwed up - Fat Sam). Using your superior deductive powers of reasoning, you have correctly intuited that I was raised Catholic. My parents had 4 kids and starting adopting from there. I am currently the eldest of 15 children. My adopted siblings have come to us from lots of different states and even different countries.The best thing is that since our family is no longer lily-white, we all get a better sense of the racism that permeates US society. I think we fight harder against it than we might have otherwise.

From the age of 2 onward, I was raised in the wonderful town of South Pasadena. I loved my first neighborhood in Monterey Hills, but our family outgrew our house and we moved to the flatlands when I was 8. I never got close to our neighbors again. South Pasadena was quite idyllic when I was growing up. It's not as much so anymore, but people are still fighting the 710 Freeway and I'm proud of my hometown for that. South Pasadena was also the birthplace of Trader Joe's.

I was a precocious kid with an early interest in mythology, language, history, art, soccer and singing. I really shone as young nipper but became a mediocrity once I swam into the "bigger pool" of university. I went to public school in So. Pas. through 6th grade at which point I was shunted off to a co-ed Catholic school. I thought this was a temporary arrangement 'til high school, but I was sadly mistaken. I was sent to an all-girls Catholic school in Pasadena.

In the argument over where I was to go to college I didn't win and neither did my parents. We've all been dissatisfied ever since. I went to UCLA and majored in Art. I've since done Social Studies breadth work at SFSU and got my secondary certification at Holy Names College.

I've worked in the University Research Library, the comics industry, as a paralegal, a volunteer coordinator and doing Mac software QA. Somewhere in the course of all this I developed three different forms of Repetitive Strain Injury. I have spent time on disability and been poorer than I ever in my life expected to be.

Luckily, things have gone better lately and my old employer found an accommodated position for me (after 2 years). I'm currently working in the Internet media industry again. I'm also working on my own non-personal website, Ethknow. I'm excited about it although I have less time and money to put into it than I would like.

Oh yeah... I guess I'd like to plug the work of my 3 eldest brothers. Kevin teaches swing dancing. Colin is a talented actor and playwright (he'll direct when given a chance). And Brendan's a talented musician. Give them your money.

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