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Like a lot of the things I'm now genuinely into, I got into yodeling as sort of a joke. I had read a review of Randy Erwin's EP in Folk Roots magazine and thought the description of him as a lasso-twirling yodeler sounded like the squarest thing to be into. Which makes it the coolest, mais oui.

Well, it serves my smart ass right, but I fell in love with the stuff. I started haunting library record bins to check out cheezy travelogue albums from Switzerland, Austria and Germany. I started slowly finding out about Elton Britt, Jimmie Rodgers, Emmett Miller and other Country-Western yodelers. I even found an Australian yodeling album (I believe it was Slim Dusty) and I didn't even know the Australians were into that stuff.

Many long trips in the car alone helped gave me the opportunity to learn to yodel without really bugging anyone. If you think yodeling is annoying, you would be sure to hate someone who is falteringly learning to yodel. Country-Western yodeling came easiest to me since I'm used to those very American intervals. I'm trying to become a better Alpine yodeler. I have dreams of showing up on some doorstep in Switzerland and saying "Teach me!"

When last I searched on Yahoo, there weren't many pages in English dedicated to yodeling. I thought I would make a page describing what it is and trying to teach people about it, but the Internet Yodel Course has since appeared and I don't believe in reinventing the wheel.

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, I like getting email, but it would be nice if people could say something like "thanks for your site and the work you put into it" before they launch into demanding that I research something for them for free.

1. I heard this really weird/pretty/amazing yodeling during the Lillehammer Olympics/on some commercial/the Howard Stern Show. Who is it and where can I get it?

I can't always guess accurately if I didn't hear it myself, but most people are asking about Mary Schneider. You'll see a link to her info in the Alpine Yodeling section.

2. Can you help me find The Yodel Polka/some other song I remember?

I'm happy to help you if I happen to know the tune. Often I don't. I can't type lyrics out to people because I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome among other problems and typing takes it out of me. If you have some clue as to how the title goes, try searching on All Music Guide. They have a nice song search engine.

3. What's a good CD introduction to yodeling?

I don't know that I can say what they best all-time yodeling album is. I just don't have that large of a collection.

The best Alpine style album I've heard so far was issued in the '70s on Peters International. I listened to it at the Brand Branch of the Glendale Public Library, so if you live in Southern California, you're in luck.

I can highly recommend any of Randy Erwin's solo albums. He varies between a Country/Western and Alpine yodel. He has great technical mastery and control and a really pure, smooth voice.

The best survey album I've ever heard is American Yodeling 1909-1940 by Trikont Records. I have a link to it in the Country/Western section.

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Last modified on 9/16/02

I used to update something on this site about every two weeks. Unfortunately, things are probably going to be mothballed for a while due to a hellacious flareup of Repetitive Strain Injury. I also had some bad data loss, so if you wrote in before with a suggestion or comment, please write again! There are some folks I would love to keep in touch with, but whose addresses I've lost.

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